Accent Catering is the company we work with to provide breakfast, break, lunchtime and café@sixth form food services. It aims to provide a high standard of fresh food whilst sourcing ingredients ethically. 

The company caters for our diverse community at St. Anne’s by ensuring there is a wide variety of foods available each day. Click below for our Menu:

The cost of a Lunchtime 'Meal Deal' is £2.40. This includes a main meal, pudding and small juice drink. There is a choice of main meal but the deal does not include the 'street food' offer. The Free School Meal lunchtime allowance is £2.40

Fresh Water from the tap is always available. Bottled water is 60p.

January 2019 - Please see information about Catering Increases

Is your daughter allergic to certain foods?
The catering teams provide information about any of 14 allergenic ingredients that may be in a particular food. You can find more information by reading this poster or at

No nuts are used but some suppliers do caution that, inadvertently, there may be nut traces in their products. If you have any concerns please ask your daughter to speak to the Catering Manager or her Achievement Leader. You can also contact her Achievement Leader.

How do you pay for meals?

We have a cashless, biometric payment system facilitated by Parentpay. Any family new to St. Anne's should register before, or on joining St. Anne's. Parents will then receive a Parentpay account where they can make payments using the Parentpay website. The Parentpay account must remain topped up in order for your daughter to be able to purchase her meal. You are also able to check what she has spent/eaten by logging into your parentpay account - The website is 'mobile friendly' so why not bookmark it on your smartphone?

Free School Meals

Students receiving FSM are treated in the same way as all the other students but with a lunchtime FSM limit of £2.30; this is the cost of a 'meal deal'. To apply for FSM please contact Enfield Local Authority. If you would like some help just phone our Finance Office on 020 8920 5228 (direct) or email 

Parents/Carers whose daughters receives FSM should still open a Parentpay account. Additional food and drink can be purchased and the account will be needed for other cashless purchases.

Cashless throughout the school

Cashless payments must also be used for all trips, visits and other purchases such as revision guides. If you have not registered with Parentpay as your daughter does not purchase any food, you will need to do so. The Governors' School Fund voluntary contribution can also be paid through Parentpay

Thank you.

Mr Goldbart,
School Business Manager