Literacy & Numeracy at St. Anne's



Numeracy is about being able to understand and use numbers in a range of situations in school and outside school.

St Anne’s is committed to raising the standards of numeracy for all of its students. We want all of our pupils to be confident and capable in the use of numeracy to support their learning in all areas of the curriculum and to acquire the skills necessary to help achieve success in further and higher education, employment and adult life.

Numeracy Ambassadors

13 girls from year 8 have been selected to become Numeracy Ambassadors;

Hello Everyone,

We are The Numeracy Ambassadors. We are confident, enthusiastic and passionate about mathematics. We work closely with Miss Sehested, our school Numeracy Coordinator, and previous Numeracy Ambassadors to deliver engaging activities to make maths more exciting across the school. We do this through different programmes both motivating and inspiring other students to broaden their knowledge of mathematics.

Numeracy Ambassadors are:

  • Easy to talk to and great communicators
  • Enthusiastic about mathematics
  • Passionate about encouraging others to reach their full potential
  • Great at teamwork
  • Visit Year 7 forms in the mornings and go through the fortnightly focus
  • Very open to any ideas students might have about fundraising, competitions etc. as we will be doing different competitions where prizes can be won.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Yours sincerely,

The Numeracy Ambassadors


All students in year 7 have been given a Numeracy Booklet.

We expect your daughter to use the booklet in and outside of school to support her numeracy learning. It could be looking up ‘graphs’ in a geography lesson or ‘conversion’ while baking at home.

As well as the booklet, these websites can be useful: