Subject Leader: Miss I. Ioannou  
Assistant Headteacher: Mrs E. Danneau-Joyce
Director of KS3:   Mr V. Maguire
Subject Teachers:  Mrs M. Alvarez
                                 Miss R. Griffin
                                 Miss C. Sheaf

The MFL department aims to provide students to develop the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in French/Spanish so that they will be able to communicate with French/Spanish speakers around the world. We will encourage students to develop their knowledge of the French/Spanish-speaking world. We aim to teach students a range of vocabulary and grammar and encourage them to improve their spelling and pronunciation in order to express their ideas in the target language.


Year 7

The Year 7 course provides an opportunity for students to develop their written and oral communication. Students acquire a sound foundation of grammar to enable them to express themselves with increasing independence and confidence. Students apply and develop language learning skills they have learnt in primary school.

Greetings and classroom instructions Talking about your home & where you live
Describing yourself and others Likes, dislikes & hobbies 
Saying what you do in your free time The alphabet 
Present tense of regular and irregular verbs Numbers 

Year 8

The year 8 course extends the skills developed in year 7 and students to learn to express themselves using different tenses

Shops / food  Present tense (reinforcement)
School life Future tense
Holidays Introduction of the past tense
Daily routine Use of connectives and time markers

Year 9

The students build on their knowledge of grammar and apply language acquired to talk about the following topics:

Media (TV/films/technology) Present tense/near future tense (reinforcement)
Health and healthy living Past tense (preterit and imperfect tenses)
Work and future plans Simple future
School life and options Complex sentences


Students follow the Edexcel syllabus in French/Spanish. Over the two years they complete 4 controlled assessments (2 orals and 2 writings) and a final exam in Year 11 of Listening and Reading papers.

More information is available here: French or Spanish


Students follow the Edexcel syllabus in French. Existing skills are further developed and more sophisticated language structures are taught and used . They will become more independent in their learning and will explore areas which interest them most.

More information is available here: French 

Trips and Visits

2012: Year 9 and 10 Trip to Barcelona, Spain
2014: Year 9 and 10 Trip to Andalucía, Spain
2015: Year 9 and 10 Trip to Madrid, Spain