Subject Leader:       Miss I. Ioannou  
Subject Teachers:   Mr V. Maguire
                                  Miss R. Griffin
                                  Mrs E. Danneau-Joyce
                                  Mrs M. Alvarez
                                  Miss C. Sheaf

The MFL department aims to provide students to develop the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in French/Spanish so that they will be able to communicate with French/Spanish speakers around the world. We will encourage students to develop their knowledge of the French/Spanish-speaking world. We aim to teach students a range of vocabulary and grammar and encourage them to improve their spelling and pronunciation in order to express their ideas in the target language.


Year 7

The Year 7 course provides an opportunity for students to develop their written and oral communication. Students acquire a sound foundation of grammar to enable them to express themselves with increasing independence and confidence. Students apply and develop language learning skills they have learnt in primary school.

  • Greetings and classroom instructions

  • Talking about your home & where you live * Describing yourself and others

  • Likes, dislikes & hobbies * Saying what you do in your free time

  • The alphabet * Present tense of regular and irregular verbs

  • Numbers Pets

Year 8

The year 8 course extends the skills developed in year 7 and students to learn to express themselves using different tenses

  • Shops / food* Present tense (reinforcement)

  • School life* Future tense

  • Holidays* Introduction of the past tense

  • Daily routine* Use of connectives and time markers

Year 9

The students build on their knowledge of grammar and apply language acquired to talk about the following topics:

  • Media (TV/films/technology)* present tense/near future tense (reinforcement)

  • Health and healthy living* past tense (preterit and imperfect tenses)

  • Work and future plans* simple future

  • School life and options* complex sentences


Students follow the Edexcel syllabus in French/Spanish. Over the two years they complete 4 controlled assessments (2 orals and 2 writings) and a final exam in Year 11 of Listening and Reading papers.

More information is available here: French or Spanish


Students follow the Edexcel syllabus in French/Spanish. Existing skills are further developed and more sophisticated language structures are taught and used . They will become more independent in their learning and will explore areas which interest them most.

More information is available here: French or Spanish

Trips and Visits

2012: Year 9 and 10 Trip to Barcelona, Spain
2014: Year 9 and 10 Trip to Andalucía, Spain
2015: Year 9 and 10 Trip to Madrid, Spain