Subject Leader:   Mr T. Kwan
Subject Teacher: Ms J. Dudzik

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.


The Music department aims to promote Music both within the classroom, the school and the wider community.  We aspire to create an environment that encourages curiosity, interest and a love of learning music, which stimulates and develops an appreciation and enjoyment through performance, composition and listening.  It is important that all students have equal opportunity to develop their particular talent, which should then lead on to experiencing success and enjoyment in the subject.   

Curriculum information by each year group.

                Year 7               Year 8                Year 9
Understanding Rhythm Composition Film Music
Melody and Chord Folk music Contemporary song writing
Instruments of the orchestra Baroque Music Body Percussion
Composition skills Classical Music The History of Jazz Music
Dance Music Blues Music Disco Music
Independent performance Independent performance Independent performance


GCSE students will compose and perform regularly. Here at St. Anne's students follow the AQA GCSE music specification, studying four different areas of study. These include: 

  • Western classical tradition 1650 - 1910

  • Popular Music

  • Traditional Music

  • Western classical tradition since 1910

Students must be able to listen attentively to unfamiliar music from all four areas of study to identify and accurately describe musical elements, musical contexts and use musical language (including staff notation).

More information is available here




Gospel Choir runs on Monday after school from 3.30-5.15pm at the Lower Site and all students are invited to join.  Over the recent years the Gospel Choir has gone from strength to strength and have won the Mayor of Enfield's Choral Award three times now. The choir also have a working relationship with Barclays in Canary Wharf and each year we support their Christmas fundraising and sing in Canary Wharf shopping centre. Follow our Gospel Choir and listen to some of their performances here

There are a number of other groups to get involved with which include, string group, close harmony choir and theory club. Please contact Mr Kwan or Ms Dudzik for more information, everyone is welcome to join.

Insturmental lessons are provided by Eniefld Music Service.  Please see their website for more information.