Philosophy and Ethics



Subject Leader: Ms I. Pugh
Subject Teachers: Miss S. Yiannakas

Key Stage 5

Courses Offered: AS Level - Religious Studies and A2 Level - Religious Studies
Length of Course: 1 year AS leading to 1 year A2
Specification: OCR H172 – AS Level, H572- A2 Level
Number of Lessons Per Week: 6
Entry Qualifications: GCSE Religious Studies Grade B, GCSE English Language Grade B.


Philosophy of Religion

Religious Ethics

Year 12

  • Ancient Greek influences on religious philosophy
  • Judaeo-Christian influences on religious philosophy
  • The Ontological Argument
  • The Cosmological Argument
  • The Teleological Argument
  • The Moral Argument
  • Challenges to religious belief: ‘The Problem of Evil’ and ‘Religion and Science.’

G571 – Philosophy of Religion

  • Introduction to Ethical Theories
  • Natural Law
  • Kantian Ethics
  • Utilitarianism
  • Religious Ethics/Christian Ethics

Applied Ethics:

  • Abortion
  • The Right to a Child
  • Euthanasia
  • Genetic Engineering
  • War and Peace

G572 – Religious Ethics

Year 13

Religious Language

  • Religious Experience (Miracles, Conversion experiences)
  • The Nature of God
  • Life and Death

G581 – Philosophy of Religion


  • Free Will and Determinism
  • The Nature and Role of the Conscience
  • Virtue Ethics

Applied Ethics:

  • Environmental and Business Ethics
  • Sexual Ethics

G582 – Religious Ethics

Additional Information/Extra:

Trips & Extra Curricular Activities