Subject Leader: Mr R Thompson
Key Stage 4 Science Curriculum Lead: Mrs Mackay
Key Stage 3 Science Curriculum Lead: Ms Kitching
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs K Hyland
Assistant Headteacher & Head of Sixth Form: Mrs J Turner
Subject Teachers: Mrs F Adeleke
                               Ms A Khan
                               Ms T Nicolaou
                               Mrs S Smith
                               Mr N Hassell
                               Mr M Uddin


The Science Department wants to inspire the next generation of scientists. We aim to provide a broad, balanced and enjoyable science education for all of our students. We believe that an appreciation of science is essential in society today and we try to give our students the knowledge, skills and understanding to fully appreciate and engage with the world around them.

Year 7 curriculum:

Our new Year 7 course builds on science learned in primary school. Students study a range of topics both familiar and unfamiliar, gaining a broad introduction to key stage 3 science. Students develop their practical skills by doing many experiments in our well-equipped science labs.

Topics covered in Year 7:

Body Systems
Elements, Atoms and Compounds
Chemical Reactions
Acids and Alkalis

Year 8 curriculum:

Students continue to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of a broad range of biology, chemistry and physics topics.

Topics covered in Year 8:

Digestion and Respiration
Electricity and Magnetism

Year 9 curriculum:

Students begin to prepare for GCSE, with topics chosen to help all learners make a smooth transition from key stage 3 to 4.

Topics covered in year 9:

Keeping Healthy
Chemical Reactivity
Rocks and Buildings
Heat Transfer

Key Stage 4

Students study AQA’s GCSE suite of Science GCSEs. Most students take ‘Double Science’ and gain two GCSEs at the end of Year 11 in Science and Additional Science. Some students take ‘Triple Science’ and gain three GCSEs at the end of year 11 in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Both Double and Triple Science are a good preparation for A Level work in science. Further information can be found here:

GCSE Science course information july 2014.docx

Key Stage 5

We offer A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics as well as Applied Science. Just like at GCSE, we use AQA as our exam board to ensure maximum continuity between GCSE and A Level. Students are encouraged to take a more independent approach to learning at key stage 5, and to extend their learning beyond the curriculum through attending lectures and events in London.




Applied Science

Trips & Extra Curricular Activities

We believe educational trips and visits are an important part of learning science. Recent trips have included Paradise Wildlife Park, London Zoo, The Royal Veterinary College, Royal Greenwich, The Science Museum, The Wellcome Centre and, for A Level Physics students, CERN in Switzerland.

science class science class