Our key focus in having a reward system is to acknowledge the contribution of our students to the whole school community both as individuals and as members of a form group within a year group/House within the whole school community. At Saint Anne’s, our underlining ethos is:

“At St. Anne’s we strive for excellence”.

Our belief is that by encouraging our students to strive for excellence, we will encourage our students to reach the highest possible standards as individuals, as members of a form group, a year group or House within the whole school community, in terms of their personal development but also academically with their work.

If students work well in lessons and produce work, which shows that they are making real progress and a real effort, they may be given a Merit which automatically becomes a Merit/House Point. These Merit House Points are also available through various contributions to all aspects of school life. These points are special for students individually and also collectively as part of a form group, year group and associated House. Students should feel very proud to achieve and receive them.

Students can be rewarded by their subject teachers and can also be rewarded for the following contributions to school life:

  • For having 100% weekly attendance & punctuality.
  • For attendance at revision clubs
  • For being helpful
  • For being a Form Rep/Deputy Form Rep
  • For being a Register Monitor
  • For being a Prefect
  • For being Buddies
  • For being an Assembly Assistant
  • For being a Library Assistant
  • For being an Events Co-coordinator
  • For charity work
  • For being part of CSLA
  • For debating
  • For being part of the Fairtrade Team
  • For Leadership Skills
  • For being Learning Detectives
  • For helping/assisting with liturgies: Serving/Reading etc.
  • For helping/assisting at form/year and site assemblies
  • For Mentoring
  • For Motivation
  • For Organisation
  • For Participation
  • For Perseverance
  • For Progress
  • For Public Speaking
  • For Singing
  • For being a Team player
  • For being part of YAVE
  • And for taking part in UK Trans IT.

Merit / House Point System / Certificates of Merit

Students will be able to accumulate Merit/House points over the course of each academic year. At the end of each term, certificates will be awarded to students based on the number of Merit/House points they have accumulated. Certificates will be awarded during Year/House assemblies in the following way:

  • When a student has 20 – 40 Merit House points they will be awarded a Bronze Certificate of Merit.
  • When a student has 41 – 60 Merit House points they will be awarded a Silver Certificate of Merit.
  • When a student has 61 – 80 Merit House points they will be awarded a Gold Certificate of Merit.
  • When a student has 81+ Merit House points they will then receive a Platinum Certificate of Merit.

The student(s) who have achieved the highest total of Merit House points and the fewest detentions within each Year group/House will be acknowledged in the following way:

  • Autumn term – £5 Love to Shop voucher
  • Spring term - £10 Love to Shop voucher
  • Summer term - £20 Love to Shop voucher

Having achieved the highest Merit House points total and fewest detentions, the student(s) concerned will receive a £5 Love to Shop voucher at the end of the autumn term. At the end of the spring term, if they have still maintained this excellent standard, they will then receive a £10 Love to Shop voucher and finally a £20 Love to Shop voucher if this standard is maintained in the summer term. If a student has not achieved the highest Merit House points total and fewest detentions in the autumn term but has in the spring term, they can then start with the £5 Love to Shop voucher. This means that throughout the year all students are able to access all certificates and rewards in recognition of their achievements.

At the end of each academic term, the top 10 students in each Year group/House who have received the highest number of Merit House points will be rewarded in the following way, as well as the students who have made the most improvement in each year group/House within the core subjects

  • Each of the top ten students will have their name, photograph and achievement displayed on our monitors on both sites.
  • The Parents/Carers of these students will be informed by letter of their daughter’s achievement.
  • The top 10 students will be invited to a special party to celebrate their achievement.

Attendance & Punctuality

If students are to achieve their potential, good attendance and punctuality are critical. The link between attendance and achievement is well documented. At St. Anne’s we want all of our students to achieve the very best examination results that they can and poor attendance will have a significant impact on student achievement. Students with irregular attendance…

  • Get behind with work
  • Lose the thread of the topics being taught
  • Become de-motivated on return to school
  • Lose friendships
  • Miss out on important career and guidance input
  • Miss out on extracurricular opportunities
  • Are less likely to feel part of the school

90% attendance is equivalent to one day of absence every fortnight. Over an academic year this amounts to four weeks of absence (100 lessons missed!) In recognition of student’s attendance and punctuality at school, we operate a reward system where students receive a bar/star badge for 100% attendance and punctuality. These are awarded on a termly basis and should be worn with pride on the school blazer lapel.

  • Term 1 – Bronze bar/star
  • Term 2 – Silver bar/star
  • Term 3 – Gold bar/star

Highest Performing Form in each Year & House at each Key Stage

At the end of each academic year, the top performing Form in each year group is presented with a shield that will have their Form, House and date engraved on it. This shield will be on permanent display in the main reception area. The students from this winning Form group will be invited to a special celebratory pizza party. The students from the winning House in Key Stages 3 & 4 will also be invited to a special celebration party & presented with the Key Stage House shield which will have the name of the top performing House engraved on it.

Outstanding Achievement Award

A special badge and certificate is awarded to students with proven outstanding achievement inside or outside school. This acknowledgement will take place during Year assemblies. Students are expected to wear this badge with pride on their blazer lapel.


It is hoped that sanctions will not need to be imposed but if necessary, they could take the following forms;

  • Verbal warning.
  • Written comment in student planner.
  • Community service.
  • Contact with Form Tutor and other relevant groups.
  • Contact with Parents / Carers by letter / phone or arranged meetings.
  • Subject teacher detention.
  • Referral to Subject Leader.
  • Subject Leader detention.
  • Achievement Leader detention.
  • Serious Misdemeanour detention.
  • Saturday Morning detention
  • Fixed-term exclusion

Although we do not wish to encourage the awarding of detentions, in fact our goal is the opposite. At the end of each term we will also acknowledge the Form group/House group per Year group/House who has achieved the fewest detentions with a certificate for their achievement.