Year 7 voice

Hello future students/friends and welcome to St. Anne’s.

Our names are Scarlett, Olivia, Lilibeth, Monica, Emily & Serena and we are all currently in Year 7, so we all know how you are feeling at this time, as last year, we were in exactly the same position as you are now; about to leave the safe and familiar surroundings of your primary schools and embark on a new journey to a big and unfamiliar secondary school.

I hope you will understand us when we say there is no need to worry.  St. Anne’s is an ‘outstanding’ school, that’s just one of the many positive comments used by the Ofsted Inspectors about our school in the most recent Ofsted inspection - Decemeber 2016.

We are so glad we came to St. Anne’s and to help you to put aside some of the fears that you may be experiencing at the moment, please read on and see what we have to say about our school.

We look forward to seeing you in September and welcoming you to the family of St Anne’s and our wonderful school community. 


My first few days at Saint Anne’s were very nerve-wracking. But I soon settled into the “family”.
To ensure our work is good we must make sure that the correct equipment is brought to lessons. Here is a quick list:

The correct book for the lesson; At least 2  black pens and 2 pencils, colouring pens or pencils, a rubber, a ruler, a scientific calculator, a protractor, a sharpener, a USB stick, your rough book, your reading book, your school planner, P.E. kit (on the day that you have PE), and  if you get any means of public transport you must have your travel card (eg. Oyster, train ticket).
You don’t need to bring lunch money as we have our cashless catering system where you pay using your thumb print! Or you can bring your own snack or pack lunch.

Good luck at Saint Anne’s!!


The St. Anne’s uniform is a part of our school’s identity; it is a very smart uniform.  The blazer should be worn around the building at all times, unless permission is given by your teacher to remove it during lessons. The skirt should be worn to the knee and socks should be worn up to the knee.

St. Anne’s helps us to achieve our goals. The teachers encourage us to do our best and they are always available to help. Our academic achievements are recognised as well as our participation to help others. As we are a Catholic School we are always encouraged and expected to help each other. You will feel very valued as part of the school community/family of St. Anne’s. Lilibeth


St. Anne’s has very high expectations of their pupils to be the best at all they do.  It is not just in our lessons that we are expected to reach our full potential but also in other areas including: Attendance, punctuality and different activities outside of lessons. You can be given different rewards like, badges, certificates and merits. When you get higher levels in your assessments you are rewarded with a celebration afternoon to celebrate and acknowledge your achievement. 

In my time at St. Anne’s I have received many Vivos for my hard work, badges for 100% attendance and 100% punctuality which continuously encourages me to go to school every day and I have been rewarded for my efforts in R.E with an afternoon of hot chocolate and cakes with many other pupils.

The support and encouragement we are given I believe will allow us to reach our goals in life and be the best that we can be. Monica


My first day of secondary school taught me to not always expect the bad things out of life but to expect the good things that come. I expected my day to be full of loneliness and anxiety. On my first day at St. Anne’s, I arrived, and I waited outside the school, with the other two girls that came from my primary school. When the bell went, off we went to the main hall. As I was walking through the corridors, with my new classmates, I saw that it was packed with students – bigger than me! I felt anxious because I didn’t know anybody.  But when I sat down and met a new friend, we said ‘Hello’ to each other, and as we began to speak, we found out that we had lots in common.

The members of staff at St. Anne’s are amazingly friendly! They are always there to talk to you – especially the Achievement Leaders, Ms Savin, Mrs Jones, Ms Chin and of course, Mr Maguire. Anytime you need to talk to someone, or need some clarification – they are always there for you. I now have a role model in Mrs Gilling, our Headteacher. She is such a lovely woman, and she is someone any girl would look up to. I look up to her because of the way she cares about the pupils, as well as her fellow colleagues. The teachers are very nice, but do not hesitate to discipline us when we misbehave. Overall, the members of staff are kind-hearted people. Emily

At St. Anne’s there are many supportive teachers that can help you with problems.  Every year group has an Achievement Leader that stays with your from year 7 to year 11. The Achievement Leaders are very supportive and they help you with your worries whatever they are. Serena


Sport is enjoyable especially when we have qualified and fun PE teachers. The PE teachers in St. Anne’s make our lessons fun and they also offer a variety of activities during lunch time and after school.

My experience in St. Anne’s has helped me in my sports in general. I have taken part in athletics competitions against other schools. I have also played in numerous Netball matches and tournaments.

I have just signed up for cricket club which is held at lunch time. I also enjoy football as my uncles taught me how to play when I was younger. I play football every Monday after school. Even though I love sports I have to be sure that I balance this with my homework too. Olivia

Thank you for taking the time to read our presentation and we hope that what we have to say helps and we look forward to seeing you in September.

Act justly, love tenderly, walk humbly with your God.