Building good working relationships both internally and externally

Here at St. Anne's, we pride ourselves on our strong community ethos and work hard to ensure all staff, pupils and parents/carers feel apart of that. 

Within school we have many internal groups which provide students with the chance to gain new skills & take on responsibilities.They are all exciting opportunities for students to extend their learning in other ways.

Being part of our local community is also extremely important. We feel a responsibility in helping our pupils understand the diverse community and culture in which we live in, and work with outside groups to take part in social campaigns. We also work closely with our feeder primary schools & the Catholic Parishes in Enfield; this helps us to reinforce that sense of community and at times, helping those who are in need. 

It is also important to develop our relationship with our parents & carers and involve them in the life of school. Various evenings, celebrations and events provide our families with the opportunity to get involved and celebrate in the successes of our school and students.