Subject Leader:        Mrs. C. Mann
Subject Teachers:    Miss H. Troiano
                                   Mrs A. Frendo



St. Anne’s Physical Education department aims to foster an understanding and enjoyment of physical activity which can be extended to a pleasurable use of leisure time. We hope to aid the development of the student’s physical competence and confidence and their ability to use these to perform a range of activities. Students will learn more about their physical skilfulness, physical development, and knowledge of their bodies in action.

St. Anne’s PE department will ensure pupils be given a variety of experiences and opportunities to be creative, competitive and face up to different challenges alone, in groups and in teams. We aim to help students discover their aptitudes, abilities and preferences to help them make informed choices as to how to get involved in physical activity after leaving school and for life. We enjoy the benefits of our own playing fields, tennis courts and gymnasium. Links with local sports clubs and national coaches provide opportunities for top class coaching.

Trips & Extra Curricular Activities

A variety of extra curricular activities are on offer during lunch and after school. These include: Netball, Cross Country, Athletics, Fitness, Gymnastics, Cheer leading, and Rounders. Interhouse competitions are run throughout the year in: Netball, Cross Country, Rounders and Athletics.

We also compete in Borough and County competitions and our students go on to do extremely well.