Subject Leader: Mrs N. Gok


Students make observations, analyse behaviours and examine personalities from a variety of psychological approaches.

KS5: A Level

Unit 1

Memory is central to all cognitive activities and used whenever we need to maintain information over time.

Attachment is concerned with development psychology, where our personality, friendships, hopes and ambitions are shaped by early experiences.

Research Methods integrates scientific methods to conduct scientific psychological investigations

Unit 2

Biological psychology considers mainly stress, its causes and consequences on our quality of life

Social psychology looks at the social world and the interrelationships between Individuals, groups and cultures.

Psychopathology examines ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’ behaviour while considering appropriate treatments

Unit 3

Relationships considers the formation, maintenance and dissolution of relationship across Collectivists and Individualistic cultures.

Aggression and its causes with its effects in homes, institutions and countries.

Eating behaviour and its possible triggers for Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia nervosa or Obesity

Unit 4

Schizophrenia through the classification and diagnostic criteria via the lens of particular models or paradigms

Anomalistic psychology considers whether paranormal events, psychokinesis or extrasensory perception fall within the realm of pseudoscience or science

Psychological research & Scientific Method examines the claim that psychology is a Science with deeper research and statistical analysis


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