Year 9 Budding Entrepreneurs

Year 9 Budding Entrepreneurs

The Tenner Challenge

March 2015 gave Year 9 Students the opportunity to take part in the Tenner Challenge, a Business & Enterprise Competition which runs nationally with Young Enterprise. The Challenge took place over 9th – 13th and 16th – 20th March, and each team was given a designated day per week to sell in school.

Teams applied with a business plan, all of which were very impressive. Students were given the chance to think of a business idea and how to make it happen, by using real money. They also needed to think about how to make a profit and make a difference. It was very hard to judge but only 5 teams could be chosen to go through, and these are listed below:

  • Sugar Crush – Selling Milkshakes & Cookies
  • Pink Ladies – Selling Cakes, Sweets & Chocolate Fountain Treats
  • B & C – Selling Bandanas & Cakes
  • Sensational Six – Selling Patties, Chicken Wings, Cakes & Drinks
  • Tricky Treats – Selling Krispey Kremes, Sweet Bags, Popcorn & Drinks

Each team received a start-up loan of £30 and selected a chosen charity to support with 50% of their profits. They were then allowed to choose how to spend the remaining profit; be that on a team activity, divide it equally or re-invest it to make a further social impact.

Throughout the challenge, students also had weekly challenges to complete, and took part in a training morning to prepare for some of the fundamental areas they should focus on when starting up a business. Each team did a fantastic job on Marketing & Advertising, and were great when giving their individual sales pitches to Lower Site students in assemblies.

A huge congratulations goes out to the five teams for their hard work, commitment and positive teamwork throughout the competition. They did a fantastic job at selling products which drew in students and staff, in turn making them all a heavy profit.

Across the five teams, a total of £1243.16 is being donated to the chosen Charities, which include: Unicef, Cancer Research, Downright Excellent, The A21 Campaign & Comic Relief.

Sensational Six finished top with their tasty Patties & Hot Chicken Wings, making a total of £1002.23. Well Done Girls.