Soup & Roll Fridays - Our 2015 Lenten Appeal

Soup & Roll Fridays - Our 2015 Lenten Appeal

Our 2015 Lenten appeal was to raise money for the Catholic Children’s Society (CCS) Crisis Fund and, to enable students and staff to participate in the traditional Lenten observances of praying, fasting and giving to others we continued our school tradition of ‘Soup and Roll’ Fridays.

Students and staff were able to opt to give up their usual lunch and instead have a cup of vegetable soup with a bread roll which costs £1. We also gave out prayer cards and encouraged students to pray together before they have their soup.

We were fortunate to have all the bread rolls donated by Warburtons and a member of staff offered to cover the costs of the soup and the cups, meaning that all money raised could go to the Crisis Fund.

Our target was to raise £1000, of which Barclays Bank would match. It was great to see so many students and staff participating and helping us to raise money.

We were delighted to have Katie Waring from CCS for a whole-site assembly who explained to the students that headteachers of Catholic schools can apply for money from the crisis fund to help a student whose family is experiencing financial difficulty. The money is to help with essential items for example, uniform. It was good to have the explanation and encouragement to students.

Katie also came back to serve soup and rolls to the Lower Site in the last week of our Lenten appeal. The CCS’s focus for secondary schools this year has been ‘being a good social neighbour’ and how to use social media safely and responsibly.

All students in the school had a lesson on this focus and were given a letter to take home which included a parents’ guide to social media including different apps and some advice on safety for children.

At the end of our lenten appeal, we were extremely pleased with the amount raised. We beat our target of £1000 from ‘Soup & Roll Fridays’, and as a school raised £1,140.78. Barclays matched our target and gave us an additional £1,000 and we also collected £770.63 from a Non-Uniform day.

Those totals enabled us to present CCS with a cheque for £2,911.41. Thank you to all Students, Staff and Parents for once again supporting out lenten appeal and for enabling us to help make a difference.

CCS sent us a lovely Thank You letter, we which can be read here.