Empowering Girls Project with the Godwin Lawson Foundation

This Term 10 Year 9 girls embarked on the ‘Empowering Girls Project’ with the Godwin Lawson Foundation.

The Project aims to help motivate and inspire students as well as build leadership skills and it has included workshops and presentations from outside facilitators as well as a Weekend Residential to Woodrow High House in November.

The Foundation was set up in memory of Godwin Lawson who was tragically killed in March 2010 after an altercation with his friends and other youths. Yvonne, Godwin’s mother wanted to set up the charity to work with young people to share Godwin’s Story and to train young people as ‘Peace Ambassadors’.

Please read below for some more details from two of our students who are on the programme:

Throughout the Empowering Girls Project I feel we have had access to a lot of information to help us grow as better people. We have been taught to look out for others and some necessary skills to help others if they are ever in need. In the workshops we have been taught how to help others and make an impact. I feel like I have gained a lot from the project so far as I was quite shy but the workshops have helped me to gain more confidence. I am really enjoying this project and I really look forward to becoming a Peace Ambassador to be able to help other people. One of the workshops I took a lot from was based on Bullying with a lady called Julie. She told us about ways to identify different kinds of bullying and how to handle situations. She also told us about the importance of listening carefully in order to assess how to support someone who is being bullied. We will be attending more sessions to develop us as Peace Ambassadors and we look forward to working with the Godwin Lawson Foundation.
Daisy K – 9M

The Empowering Girls Project is a really good programme for all of us in the group. We are learning and training to become Godwin Lawson Foundation Peace Ambassadors and Peer Mentors. In each session we have attended, we have explored the skills/qualities of a good Peace Ambassador and what it’s all about. We have been learning about Confidence and Self-Esteem, and have also been exploring how actions can affect others. In the workshops we all work together to improve our listening skills, the importance of confidentiality, public speaking skills and teamwork. We are also working on becoming good role models and have been looking at respect and self-respect. We haven’t quite got there yet but are working hard to have the necessary skills to become great Peace Ambassadors and use those skills to help others. As part of the programme we also attended a residential trip and it was there where we learnt a lot about each other, especially how people can act in different situations. I think personally I also learnt a lot about myself and enjoyed, where I could, the opportunities to take leadership roles in activities. I believe the trip boosted our Self-Esteem and we had an amazing experience.
Olivia A – 9A