Extreme Heat Warning: Compressed Timetable

Following the Met Office’s extreme heat weather warning for England and Wales for Mon 18 & Tues 19 July, we will have a Compressed Day for both sites. Please see the outline below:

Compressed Day:

Registration 8.40-8.55 (as normal)
P1 8.55-9.30
P2 9.30-10.05
Break 1 10.05-10.30
P3 10.30-11.05
P4 11.05-11.40
Break 2 11.40-12.05
P5 12.05-12.40
P6 12.40-1.15

There will be 6 lessons of 35mins, food will be served at both breaks and any student receiving FSM can utilise their allowance across either break time. By doing this we avoid students missing out on any one lesson and spread the early closure across subjects.